Have a fab-boo-lous Halloween


Once considered an American tradition, celebrating Halloween and going trick-or-treating is quickly growing in popularity in Australia.

Whether you’re a seasoned scarer or the new ghoul on the block we’ve put together a few tips to help you and your family have a great Halloween.

For trick-or-treaters:

Dress up –  your costume doesn’t have to be worthy of a Hollywood horror movie but putting in a little effort will go a long way in adding to the experience

Be polite – take just one treat and be sure to say ‘thank you’ (ps – if a house does not have any decorations up, it’s usually a clear sign they are not participating so keep moving to the next house)

Stay safe – be sure to stick with your group, and never enter the home of someone you don’t know

For those at home:

Decorate – if you are happy to have trick-or-treaters knock on your door be sure to have some decorations up to indicate this (even just a couple of balloons will do!)

Be ready – have plenty of small wrapped sweets on hand – Cadbury Favourites or Chupa Chups are a great option

Fair and scare – while it’s great to get into the spirit of the occasion, keep theatrics (costumes, ‘tricks’ and decos etc) G rated so as to not seriously frighten children

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