The Barossa Co-op is seeking your feedback on the A Healthy Choice program that is currently in our Barossa Fresh Foodland store.


Working closely with UniSA, we want to know if the program has been effective and worthwhile for our community. The Co-op is committed to helping our community make healthier choices in the supermarket.  According to a survey conducted by the State Government, rural South Australians experience higher rates of chronic diseases than metropolitan adults. This can be partly explained by lower levels of exercise in rural communities and the prevalence of less healthy food options and lifestyle choices.

Over the next few months, you will notice a number of products highlighted on the shelves as ‘A Healthy Choice’.  These products and produce are selected based on levels of sugar, total fat, saturated fat, sodium/salt, and fibre contents. The Co-op is working collaboratively with Suzannah Smart from Smart Start Dietetics to create our ‘A Healthy Choice’ program; a four-month campaign aimed at encouraging our shoppers to eat healthy.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in cooking demonstrations for great recipe ideas, and supermarket tours to learn more about product nutrition and reading product labels.

Eating well is about enjoying a balanced diet that is achievable in everyday life, and Suzannah, a local dietitian, is passionate about, and experienced in, guiding people on making healthy choices. She works to transform people’s eating habits, suggesting meals that not only taste great, but that also give our bodies the nutrition it needs to feel great.

Suzannah’s passion for good food and cooking started at a very young age, as she grew up in a family where it was a central part of life.  Unfortunately, during her high school years, Suzannah experienced some health difficulties and was eventually diagnosed with PCOS.  Suzannah learned first-hand the importance of healthy eating for a healthy life.

This interest in nutrition turned into a passion for helping others to feel better through food, and she went on to complete her university degree in nutrition and dietetics.   Since then, Suzannah has enjoyed her evolving career as a dietitian, working in Australia and the United Kingdom in both hospitals and private practice.

The Co-op is excited to be able to work with such an accomplished and enthusiastic professional to make it easy for you to make ‘A Healthy Choice’. If you haven’t already done so, you will meet Suzannah when she hosts the cooking demonstrations and Label Reading Workshops which include supermarket tours within the supermarket.