Supporting club success.

Barossa Co-op CEO Cathy Main with Adam Broadbent, member of Nuriootpa Rover Football Club Sponsorship Committee.


Barossa Co-op is dedicated to supporting the community by sponsoring local organisations and initiatives that resonate with their values and mission of making living in Barossa better.

2024 marks the second year of the partnership between Barossa Co-op and Nuriootpa Rover Football Club. The three-year sponsorship has supported various Club aspects over the past year, including approximately 40 footballs and new guernseys.

“We mainly use our sponsorship as store credit to assist in the cost of footballs. Rolling out Sherrin footballs in 2024, this will certainly be a huge help in getting the most important piece of equipment in the hands of all our players.” Josh Norton, President of the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club said.

“The sponsorship has allowed us to ensure we can provide resources and equipment that ensures all of our players, both men and women, have what they need to develop, train and maintain skill development.”

The Club greatly values the support of the local community, both on and off the field.

“Building, developing, and maintaining strong relationships with local business within the Nuriootpa community is what we pride ourselves on. As a club we also value contribution – contribution to our club, contribution to our community and contribution to our town. Representing a sporting club is a huge honour and the Barossa Co-op sponsorship certainly assists with this.”

Looking to the future with the assistance of Barossa Co-op’s sponsorship, the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club aims to focus more on player health, as well as the game they love.

“Moving forward we are rolling out concussion testing and protocols that are going to be an ongoing expense, however we are committed to the welfare of all of our players and ensuing they play the game we love for as long as possible.”

The partnership between Barossa Co-op and the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club marks a significant milestone in supporting the local community and fostering a strong sense of unity.

“We believe in supporting local sports and community initiatives, and the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club have shown dedication, sportsmanship, and a true sense of community spirit. We are excited to see the players excel on the field and the club grow stronger. Together, we can create a positive impact and build a brighter future for our community.” Cathy Main, Barossa Co-op CEO said.

This collaboration not only benefits the club and its members but also contributes to the overall vibrancy and spirit of the community. Together, Barossa Co-op and the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club exemplify the power of partnerships in creating positive impacts that extend far beyond the field.