Building A Future For The Barossa

Right from the vey beginning, The Co-op has existed for one reason; to make our community, the Barossa, a better place to live. This started back in 1944, when the community rallied together to keep a general store going by starting a co-operative. Now, we have expanded that to provide our members, and community, with a shopping centre and many other resources including sponsorship, a volunteering program and more to help grow and develop our community.

Our Programs

Sticky Money

Our #1 priority is you, our members. We truly care about our Community and want to make it a great place to live. We believe we can do this by being an outstanding & sustainable provider of a competitive shopping choice & exceptional member services. For every dollar spent at The Co-op, an additional 76 cents of total value is created for the community, including members, employees and suppliers — we call this Sticky Money. And it directly benefits you.