Our Story

The Barossa Co-op is Australia’s largest and longest standing retail co-operative. It all started back in 1944 as a general store selling an array of goods and services from a single store in the main street of Nuriootpa. The Barossa Co-op has now evolved into an agglomeration of nine retail businesses deployed in and around an exceptional regional shopping centre.

Not only has the retail offering expanded, but so has our membership.  In 1945, there were 771 members and today we have over 23,000!

Thousands of locals actively ensure the economic prosperity of our community through investing in membership and purchasing from our local businesses that in turn, support the local community.

Barossa Central Shopping Centre

Barossa Central shopping centre.

What is a Co-op?

A co-operative (co-op) is a different kind of business, one that is owned by its members.

The benefit of a business like this is that in exchange of investing in a membership, members usually receive rewards, offers and rebates (if profitable), all while supporting the growth of the local community.

All members have equal voting rights regardless of their level of investment or involvement, and it is expected that all members help to run the co-operative.

Sticky Money

Our number one priority is you, as a valued member. We genuinely care about our community and want to make it a great place to live. We believe we can do this by being a sustainable provider of competitive shopping and exceptional member services. For every dollar spent at The Barossa Co-op, an additional 76 cents of value is created for the community, including members and suppliers. We call this ‘sticky money’ and it directly benefits you.