One of our key focuses at The Barossa Co-op is our impact on the environment and how we can help protect it.

We are focussed on improving the management of our wastes and becoming better recyclers; ultimately reducing the waste we send to landfill.

At Barossa Fresh Foodland, we recycle;

Barossa Fresh Foodland works with Barossa Lutheran Community Care to assist their emergency relief program. We also offer Onya recycled bags for fresh food, have cane baskets available for loose fruit and vegetables, and now have in-store trolleys that are each made from 66 plastic milk bottles!

Barossa Mitre 10 also does their bit for the environment by engaging Toxfree to recycle light globes. Fluorescent tubes, compact fluoros (CFLs), HIDs and metal halides all contain mercury and need to be recycled through council, commercial or community programs that safely separate the different elements.

For more information on how to recycle your globes, please contact Barossa Mitre 10 on (08) 8568 6005.

ONYA Think Reusable Lutheran Community Care Tox Free Waste Management

Did you know that Barossa Fresh Foodland recycles bread tags?