Is your lawn taken over every year by Poa/Wintergrass? Have you been struggling for years to get it under control to have a nice clean lawn?

Basic Gardening Tools

With an idea of which one’s you most need, the friendly staff at Mitre 10 can help you decide on quality, versus budget, on the tools you use the most.

Bringing in the bees

When spring starts to arrive, many people will be thinking about how to keep their gardens in tip top condition as the temperature rises.

All About Some Soil Love

If I could ever give anyone good advice on having a healthy easy-care garden it is to put most of your time into building a good rich soil.

All About the Orchard

Many of us being house bound have taken the opportunity to begin a productive garden and are growing our own food. Now it time for fruit.

All About Inside

We have all been spending a lot of time within our homes of late, and the simple addition of a houseplant could transform it into an indoor oasis.

Time for Citrus!

When choosing the position for your new tree, citrus like protection from wind and heavy frost but love full sun - less sun, less fruit ...