Ego is part of an international manufacturing business established in 1993, pushing the boundaries of cordless outdoor power tool technology. Today they boast of producing over 10 million units a year, selling to 65 countries to become one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers. While society moves away from fossil fuels to adopt cleaner greener energy, EGO delivers an industry-leading ARC Lithium 56V battery technology, providing petrol-matching power for a new level of performance until the job is done.

With extraordinary run times and fast recharging it offers the ultimate in convenience, no trips to get fuel or having to store it, just the freedom to work unfettered and exhaust-free. The flexibility doesn’t stop there; the same ARC Lithium battery fits every tool in the EGO Power + range.


The Ego team of experts have completely revolutionised battery technology delivering more usable power in the 56V battery than any other handheld battery. The battery is continuously controlled by software and microprocessors within the battery which constantly monitor and optimise the tool’s intelligent power management systems for the best power, performance and run time.

The longer a battery is used and the more power it generates, the hotter it gets, the heat degrades the battery cells over time reducing its life, also causing safety shutdowns of your power tool. Unlike conventional batteries where the cells are packed together, the ARC uniquely shaped design places the cells closer to the surface increasing surface area and dissipating heat more effectively, preventing overheating and shutdowns maximising run-times.

The power capacity and run time increases as the batteries go up in size from the lightest 2.5Ah to the largest 12Ah in the domestic range; you can choose the power you need for any job. Recharging is no problem when you add the rapid charger to your kit with the 2.5Ah battery only taking 30 minutes to fully recharge. Add another battery and you can go all day long.




The Power+ mower range showcases model sizes ranging from 42cm to 52cm cutting width making lawn care quicker, easier and more efficient.  Each mower packs incredible petrol-matching power as standard, they start at the touch of a button, make minimal noise and emit zero emissions.

Key differences make some models better suited to specific types of gardens. On a single charge, the 2.5Ah battery cuts up to 400square metres of lawn using the 42cm mower. If you had a larger area the 5.0Ah battery using the same lawn mower would mow 700 square metres on a single charge. If you have sloping ground a self-propelled mower takes the strain out of pushing uphill.

They have a multi-blade cutting system allowing a choice between a specialist mulching blade and a catcher blade to either distribute fine cuttings into your lawn or collect the cuttings in the large catcher.

Fancy a ride-on mower? Using the same unique battery technology Ego has made the world’s first platform compatible ride-on mower, the Power+ Z6 ZTR. Featuring Peak Power+ technology, it can hold up to six 56V ARC Lithium batteries delivering the equivalent of a 22-horsepower petrol engine with no emissions.

Ideal for larger lawn areas the Z6 features 3 driving modes all accessed with the touch of a finger and for added comfort a hydraulic seat.


The Ego Power+ Multi-tool lets you breeze through a variety of jobs with a single power unit and a range of high tech attachments. This most versatile Ego tool features eight different attachments making it easier to switch from trimming to cutting to edging to cultivating to cleaning up.

The Multi-tool has a powerful and smooth high efficiency brushless motor, ready for any job big or small. Switching between attachments is quick and easy, using a simple and secure tool-free coupling system. Teamed with the strong but lightweight quick change extension pole the overall length can stretch to 3.14m giving you the reach to tackle any height.



  • Hedge Trimmer – Ideal for shaping high and wide hedges and branches being adjustable to 9 cutting angles suits any job and storage in small spaces
  • Pole Saw – Saws through tree branches quickly and proficiently and when combined with the lightweight extension pole allows exceptional reach and greater cutting capability.
  • Line Trimmer – With professional precision the line trimmer trims grass along fencing and concrete edges teamed with the Rapid Reload head giving you the easiest process to replace line.
  • Brushcutter – As durable as it is tough, the Brushcutter is made to deal with anything from ultra-thick grass to tough weeds, cutting through the most difficult tasks with ease.
  • Rotocut – Featuring two counter rotating blades preventing fragments from being thrown the Rotocut cuts through grass weeds and moss on concrete and pathways with ease.
  • Edger – The edger attachment awards your lawns a professional finish with first class neatened edges along paths, driveways or flowerbeds.
  • Cultivator – Using tough rotating teeth to remove weeds and aerate the soil, the cultivator prepares the soil by creating a gratifying loose bed prior to planting
  • Bristle Brush – Clean up hard surfaces and the toughest areas quickly and easily, at the same time being protected from flying debris
  • Extension Pole – A strong but lightweight extension pole taking the overall length of the saw or hedge trimmer from 2.42 metres to 3.14 metres.


Come into Mitre 10 for all the information you need on the Ego garden products, from selecting the most suitable tools for your needs to providing you with outstanding after sales service and great face to face advice whenever you need it. Come in store and talk everything Ego.

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