Awaken the senses for Autumn

When preparing the home for the cooler months, the bathroom may not be the first place that comes to mind.

However, now that we’re beginning to retreat into our homes, it’s important for that sanctuary feel to extend to every room! The bathroom is quite often a blank canvas, which means simple swaps and additions can easily transform the space. A few accessories, a swath or two of different colours, and some simple swaps are all it takes for a quick autumn bathroom decor makeover. Read on for our favourite tips for a seasonally stylish bathroom this autumn!

Introduce a new colour palette

Colour sets the mood in a home and can evoke emotion, with the tones and shades used playing a major part. For 2023, natural is the new neutral. Caramel tones are becoming increasingly popular in the cooler months, as both an earthy and stylish tone. Pale shades of green as well as granite and ash are great colours to create a cool and calming bathroom environment.

When it comes to colour in the bathroom, add 3-5 pops of your chosen colour across the room, whether through towels, mats, or accessories like the toothbrush holder and soap dispensers. Even a decorative vase on a windowsill or diffuser vase can do the trick. You can either pick one shade to stick to a more minimalistic style, or add tones that complement each other.

Towels & Fabric

A quick and easy way to change up the style of your bathroom is to swap out your summer towels and linen from light summer tones and materials to something a little cosier. The humble bath towel is easy to overlook. Considering the chilly air and gray skies, you’ll be happy you invested in a fluffier and cozier set when you step out of the shower on those colder days.

When it comes to fabric, natural is always best. Naturally soft and absorbent, cotton is universally acknowledged as the fibre when it comes to making towels. Easy to care for and perfect for everyday use, pure cotton provides high absorbency and softness, as well as offering the widest choice when it comes to colour, style and texture.


If your house is smaller and your bathroom is on the cosier side, it’s still easy to change things up! Small changes can be impactful.

Autumn is a celebration of all things nature, so why not add some greenery? It’s time to fill that windowsill!

If you’re not a plant fan or lack the space, gather a collection of vases in one fall color and arrange them on a shelf in your bath. Translucent glassware adds color without much visual weight, a plus for small bathrooms. Vary the heights, textures, and shapes of your containers for maximum impact. Fill one or two with some fall branches as a finishing touch.

For a simpler refresher, consider swapping out accessories such as the soap dispenser or toothbrush mug.


Décor is usually considered additions to the room’s visuals, but speak to the senses with a fresh new scent for autumn.

Candles and diffusers are more often saved for living rooms and kitchens, where everyone comes to gather. But why not the bathroom? There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a warm bubble bath surrounded by candlelight and a favourite sweet aroma. Swap summery scents with fragrances like coconut and lime, and swap them for warmer scents such as caramel, cinnamon, or vanilla.

When it comes to fragrance in the bathroom, keep it consistent and swap out your hand soaps and body washes to similar notes to candles and diffusers to create a consistent atmosphere.

Keep It Simple

Bathrooms are a function first space, quite often without room for extravagant decoration. This means when refreshing the bathroom for a new season, you have to be savvy! Be deliberate and selective in your décor ideas. The bathroom is designed to be a sanctuary, and too much décor will make the space feel cluttered and overwhelm. Allow for natural light to stream in on the sunny days and allow for cosiness on the dreary ones.


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