Barossa Co-op’s Support for Barossa Wildlife Rescue

Chelsea Linke of Barossa Wildlife Rescue with two possums in their new homes.


Barossa Co-op’s sponsorship of Barossa Wildlife Rescue marks a significant partnership aimed at supporting local wildlife and conservation efforts in the Barossa Valley region. As a community-focused organisation, Barossa Co-op’s commitment to environmental sustainability aligns perfectly with the mission of Barossa Wildlife Rescue.

As a not-for-profit charity, Barossa Wildlife Rescue functions completely on donations and sponsorships from the Barossa community and local businesses. With the number of rescues steadily increasing year on year, community support allows the BWR to focus less on fundraising and more on rescuing and rehabilitating native Australian wildlife.

“In late 2023 we began the Possum Palace Project, where we upgraded 8 of our existing possum and bird aviaries to much larger, high-end aviaries, giving the permanent possum and bird residents of BWR lots more room to run around, with built in cooling sprinklers and sheltered areas to escape the weather.” Chelsea Linke, Barossa Wildlife Rescue Secretary said.

“Our Possum Palace Project would not have been possible without the Barossa Co-op sponsorship. The sponsorship money completely funded the new concrete sleepers used for the bases of the new aviaries which help keep the aviaries off the ground to stop rodents digging into the aviaries, keep the possums from digging out, etc.”

The sponsorship allows Barossa Wildlife Rescue to continue to provide quality care to wildlife via essential supplies such as first aid kits, wipes, tissues, sanitiser, various hardware and supplies from Mitre 10, and food from Barossa Fresh.

“Supporting the Barossa Wildlife Rescue is more than just a sponsorship; it’s a commitment to our community and the preservation of our local wildlife. This partnership reflects our dedication to the conservation efforts necessary to ensure a safe and healthy habitat for our native species. It’s about giving back to the land and ensuring that the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Barossa Valley are protected for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.” Barossa Co-op CEO, Cathy Main said.

The Barossa Co-op sponsorship will continue into 2024, with BWR looking to fund construction of new possum boxes and enrichment items for larger enclosures, as well as upgrade two possum aviaries. Barossa Co-op is proud to assist with a wonderful local commitment to our environment and look forward to seeing the growth of Barossa Wildlife Rescue in the future.