Benefits of Lego play

What role does Lego play in early learning development?

Lego –it’s one of the most recognisable and valuable toy brand in the world, and it has been for many years! We have all spent hours playing with Lego in our early (and sometimes later) years, but have you ever considered the role that Lego plays in a child’s early learning and development? Read on to learn how playing with Lego can benefit your child!


1 – Fine motor skill development

Connecting pieces of Lego requires precision and coordination, which assists children to develop and strengthen their fine motor skills. Lego is made for children of all ages, so Lego Duplo is great for skill development in the beginning, while more complex Lego sets continue challenging and teaching fine technique as your children grow.


2 – Teamwork & communication

Like most things, playing with Lego is always more fun with your friends! Children who play with Lego together learn how to share with others from an early age. Likewise, playing with Lego also teaches children basic teamwork and communication skills when working together to achieve a common goal. So make sure you pack that bucket of Lego on your child’s next play date!


3 – Resilience & perseverance

Everyone has experienced the trauma that follows the accidental destruction of a carefully constructed Lego tower… Initially the effects of this are often devastating, however, encouraging children to start again and not give up will build their resilience and teach them to persevere when unfortunate situations occur. It might sound ridiculous, but learning these skills from a young age has proven benefits in later years!


4 – Problem-solving

We all know that projects don’t always go to plan and unfortunately building Lego structures is no exception! Playing with Lego teaches children to recognise problems before they occur and use their problem-solving skills to avoid Lego ‘disasters’. Following instructions and figuring out how to fix an unstable Lego structure can be quite a worthwhile learning process.


5 – Creative thinking

When playing with Lego, your creativity is only limited by your own imagination! Lego gives children the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and explore their creativity without fear of failure. Children will also discover what they are able to create when they can play without restraint.


Never thought Lego had so many benefits on top of keeping your kids amused for hours? You aren’t alone!

Overall, the skills that children learn though playing with Lego are hugely beneficial for early learning and childhood development. Lego teaches various soft skills that will shape the way that they work and interact with others including, creative thinking, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

When you’re looking for the next toy to add to your child’s collection, perhaps give Lego a second thought. Come in and speak to the friendly team at Toyworld and they will help you find the perfect set!