Caring for your R.M. Williams

Caring for your RM Williams Boots

Buying a pair of R.M. Williams boots is one of life’s little milestone in its own. R.M. Williams have been crafting boots since 1932 and have grown to become one of Australia’s most iconic brands. They are the style of boot that never go out of fashion, and dare we say that they never will.

Once you’ve made your substantial R.M. Williams investment, you want to make sure they go the distance and are still looking brand-spanking-new a few years down the track. You will, no doubt, love and wear them constantly, making it very important that you learn how to best look after your leather boots to keep them looking as good as the day you walked out of that glorious smelling R.M. Williams store.

R.M. Williams understand how important these infamous boots can be to their owners, and since opening their doors back in 1932, they have been developing a range of products to best protect the leather from the elements. Ensuring you can maintain the integrity and quality to keep showing your R.M.’s off for years to come.

There are just a few simple steps that we recommend you follow:

R.M. Williams Leather Cleaner

Leather CleanerTo keep boots looking as good as new, apply R.M. Williams leather cleaner anytime these R.M bad-boys get a bit of dirt on them or are starting to look a little drab. Spray cleaner directly on boots. Using a damp cloth massage in. Remove any excess cleaner with a dry cloth. This should be completed prior to applying polish.

R.M. Williams Leather Conditioner

Leather ConditionerTo protect and maintain supple leather, it is best to apply R.M. Williams unique leather conditioner regularly, once or twice a month. This nourishes the leather and helps keep your boots in top condition and to prevent the leather from cracking. The conditioner acts as an umbrella or raincoat to protect the leather against rain and wet weather.

Use a cloth to apply and massage into the boot. Leave your boots for 24 – 48 hours to allow the conditioner to fully absorb. Once the conditioner is completely absorbed into the leather, give the leather a good buff with a dry cloth.

R.M. Williams Stockman’s Boot Polish

PolishFor high shine boots, in addition to applying regular conditioner, maintain the finish with R.M. Williams Stockman’s boot polish. This should be applied on a regular basis to maintain colour and remove any scuffs. Massage the polish well into the boot and then buff with a clean cloth for the highest shine.

We’ve got all your cleaning products in-store, plus a range of R.M. Williams boots that will have you reaching for your back pocket before you know it.

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