Celebrate in Stripes!

End of year celebrations call for breezy barbecues, restaurant dinners, and summer nights spent with friends and family. So it’s important to be dressed for the occasion. There are plenty of options that are flexible and can go from the beach or the restaurant to Christmas dinner.

When December hits, it’s not long before the holiday party invites start filling up your inbox. From formal office galas to a casual gathering with friends, you’ll have no shortage of occasions to make merry! Read on for our top tips for dressing this Christmas.


When dressing up for Christmas, the colour scheme is very important, and there’s a fine line between adhering to the Christmas cheer or going overboard. Choose more wearable tones of the classic Christmas colors, such as burgundy or forest green, and pair one piece in that color with neutrals so that it stands out. Alternatively, you can add subtle Christmas flair through patterns instead of solid colors.

Stripes are in!

Stripes are always a classic favourite, and will carry through the festive season to the rest of the summer. Pair with your favourite shorts or jeans for a casual Christmas staple!

Have a fantastic night with your colleagues in a casual outfit for your end of year work Christmas celebration. It’s the time where you can rock a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and some sneakers without feeling underdressed. If you’re spending the evening at a bar, opt for a dark pair of pants and a crisp white button down. Make sure you’re comfy by wearing sneakers or dress shoes to complete the look and mix and match colors to add festive cheer.


For when you’re having a pre-Christmas catch up with your friends, light, breathable fabrics like linen and cotton are the best options for a summer Christmas party, and shades such as white, beige, blue or pink look best. Mix and match a light blazer with darker chinos, or add a patterned shirt with plain trousers for optimum effect.

The festive season in Australia is more casual than the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, seeking comfort in the summer heat rather than it being a competition of best dressed. The plus side to this is that you can carry your festive wardrobe over to the New Year celebrations as well the events, dinners, beaches and barbecues of the summer!