R.M. Williams Women

Country style in a modern look!

We are fortunate enough to have many new, exciting labels currently within Orchard Lane.

One leading new label to look out for is R.M. Williams. Crafted with pride on Australian soil, each garment is the very best quality. R.M. Williams is made to suit not only women with more of a country style, but also those who choose to dress feminine chic. This up-and-coming range introduces tonal, earthy styles, inspired by our beautiful Australian landscape.

Earthy tones are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe this season, bringing a sense of striking sophistication.

Here are three ways to introduce seasonal, earthy tones into your wardrobe now;

Keep it light and fresh for summer. The perfect minimalist tones for summer are both a creamy shade and sage green. Creamy shades are a reminiscent of soft, sandy beaches and vanilla ice-cream, and are incredibly opulent and appealing. Whereas sage green adds a subtle, yet vibrant addition when paired with a hint of white to your outfit for more of a chic, casual look. It also adds a sense of calming energy, appropriate for summer.

Cool and warm khaki is perfect for every season. The khaki tone is a great all-rounder. For more of an understated look, pair with a classic, crisp white tee or for of an office look, pair with all black pieces. For an instant elevated outfit, style your khaki pieces from both the same beige and brown coloured family. This will ensure your wardrobe has more of a theme and will become easier to style each of your garments.

Dark tones add a sense of warmth to your autumn and winter wardrobe. Add a dramatic shade of burnt orange, mocha, navy or burgundy purple for a cosy element to your outfit. It is the perfect opportunity to mix and match these tones, as this tends to add more depth without added fuss.

There are so many incredibly perfect, compatible pieces that each have a natural vibrancy to them. Each tonal piece within the R.M. Williams range is great for your staple wardrobe, all year round. These colours speak for themselves, head instore to check out the R.M. Williams quality collection.


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