Styling Pastels for Spring


Spring is here and trending are pastel colours! There are many exciting arrivals from over 6 different labels, meaning there is something for every woman this season to freshen up your wardrobe. You do not have to look far to add some fun, innovative elements. Adding a pop of pastel to your outfit instantly boosts the way you feel. How, when and why should you choose pastels in your wardrobe, you ask? Let’s break it down to ease those closet woes.

PINK. Use for a must have statement piece! Wear baby pink with neutral colours, for example white, black or khaki. Pink is thought to have a calming effect and is typically associated with love or romance, oh la la!

PURPLE. Stick with shades of lilac, more so than dark purple. Lilac is a versatile colour, although if you were wanting to really brighten up your wardrobe, colours like orange, yellow, olive green and grey contrast well. Lilac is a colour of confidence and effortless elegance.

BLUE. Stick with light blue and baby blue during spring (yes, there are many different shades of blue). Light blue looks great with shades of pink and yellow. Sky blue pairs well with, gold, white and cream. Blue indicates a sense fashion, along with freshness, peace and loyalty.

GREEN. Pair your minty garment with white or black pieces for a look that’s subtle yet chic. For something a little bolder, pastel colours like peach, baby blue or yellow match perfectly. Green is commonly associated with nature and has a calming effect, which makes anyone feel refreshed.

Whether you are into trends, or prefer to stick with the basics, adding pastels to your wardrobe is an easy must do!


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