Summer sports essentials

Summer sports essentials!

The warmer weather is quickly approaching, and as we get excited for summer, we also get ready for the summer sport seasons!

And when it comes to summer sport, cricket and tennis are the first sports that come to mind – and both with cult followings here in Australia! These sports have been enjoyed globally since the early 1800’s and are both regarded as some of the most popular summer sports, and for good reason!

Whether these sports are drawing large crowds at state stadiums, or smaller community groups for local region tournaments, it is one of the great Australian past times.

Both cricket and tennis are sports that attract fans from all around the world. It wouldn’t be a typical, Aussie hot summer without cricket and tennis. Watching summer sports from the comfort of your air-conditioned living room has become the quintessential Aussie family ritual.

Whether you enjoy playing at home, on the beach, at the river or competitively, both cricket and tennis are fun and versatile for all ages. They give every age demographic the opportunity to lap up some vitamin D, have fun and be social whilst still getting those endorphins running. So, let’s gear up for the Summer sports season ahead!

At Sportspower, we have everything you need, with a vast range of cricket and tennis equipment, accessories clothing and footwear. If it’s tennis that tickles your fancy, then we have you sorted with all your essentials, including tennis racquets, tennis balls, towels, caps, shoes and drink bottles, in plenty of different brands and colours to suit players of all ages.

We also have a wide range of cricket items, including cricket bats, helmets, batting pads, batting gloves and stumps, plus so much more! If you dust off the cricket whites and the tennis shoes to realise they’ve seen their used by date last season, then pop in to see us at Sportspower Barossa. We’re your one stop store for all your summer sporting needs!