Sylvanian Family Fun!

With toy trends ever changing and there being a constant need to have the toy of the moment, there’s nothing more refreshing to see than a brand that can stand the test of time and keep it simple and straightforward. The Sylvanian Families have kept their traditional format since the 1980’s, and in a world of electronics and technology, it’s always nice to go back to basics and get lost in an imaginary world.

First created in 1985, the much-loved Sylvanian Families are a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters that live, work and play in the peaceful land of Sylvania surrounded by luscious greenery and woodlands. These little creatures have their own names, birthdays and personalities and are based on three concepts; nature, family and love.

Read on to find out more about our current Sylvanian Family favourites!

The Chocolate Rabbit Family

One of the more popular families, the Chocolate Rabbit Family consists of Frasier and Teri Chocolate as well as their children Coco and Freya.

Frasier Chocolate enjoys planning all the fun events and parties of Sylvanian Village, as well as baking bread for his family on his days off.

Teri loves to take care of her family and make the house a nice place to live, always cooking delicious meals and redesigning the children’s clothes when they grow out of them.

Coco is good at football and is always in a good mood, while Freya often invites her friends to parties at her house filled with baked goods and is very good at drawing.

The Sweets Store

If your Sylvanians have a sweet tooth, then this sweet store will be their dream come true! With everything With everything from bunny shaped cookies to car shaped treats and lollipops, this little shop contains everything you need to play shop with your favourite families.

With the lovely white shop with beautiful window features and peardrop pink roof, there’s an impressive display counter to show off all the goodies!

The Grocery Market

The Grocery Market comes with 35 different grocery items and furniture for the perfect roleplaying experience. Featuring a brick wall and green roof, as well as a checkout counter with a working conveyor belt and shelving, this set will provide hours of play.

A shopping basket is also included, allowing for more fun while shopping. The ingredients on the counter can be moved into the bag by sliding the bar on the cash register, and the wall and flooring of the shop can be detached. Changing the direction in which they are installed changes the floor area both inside and out, providing plenty of fun in a new space.

Fairy Tale Friends

A set of some of the Sylvanian Families’ babies, this set is a limited edition produced in limited numbers to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families!

Consisting of the Brown Rabbit baby, Acorn Mouse baby, Red Deer baby, Cream Cat baby, Koala baby, Racoon baby, and Elephant baby, they all have their own outfits in the colours red, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow and green.

This set is perfect for collectors of the Sylvanian Families or even little ones who are big fans of the babies.

The Kangaroo Family

The sporty family of Sylvania, the Springers!

Bruce Springer runs the Sylvanian Cricket Club as well as plays, and is also the captain of the team! Shelia is a great all-round sportswoman and is especially good at netball. She is often found at the netball courts either playing her favourite positon of goal defence or coaching one of the junior teams.

Joanne is sports crazy, just like the rest of her family. She loves to run long distance, getting up at 6am every morning to run around the fields before going to school.

Baby Joey loves to play bat and ball with his father, often missing the ball with the bat to his dad’s amusement.


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