The Art to Better Beef


Dry Aged Beef

When we think of the best culinary delights like cheese and wine, the process of aging provides an undoubtedly unique and richer flavour…this is no different when it comes to beef.

Dry aging is a traditional way of obtaining the best out of the piece of meat. Aging beef for a minimum of 21 days removes water from the meat, which concentrates and enhances the flavour profile. Natural enzymes in the meat break down the connective tissue which tenderises the meat and gives you the ultimate steak!

At Barossa Fresh our team of butchers know how to achieve the perfect dry aged steak. Meat is hung in a specialised dry aging cabinet which provides a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for it to age safely, but most importantly to achieve the ultimate flavour.

This culinary delight is becoming increasingly popular, and we can see why. The dry aging process, while a strange concept to some, leaves you with a tenderised, and delicious piece of meat, that is worth the higher price tag.

We have two different cuts of dry aged beef at hand – T-bone and Porterhouse – that we can cut to size on request. Come and speak to our butchers about dry aging a specific cut of meat for your next special occasion.