A Self Care Summer!


It’s a self-care summer!

Welcome to Hanako Therapies. A range of vibrational scents, essences, blends and tools helping you to create a daily ritual of self-love, care and kindness. Read on for an introduction to our newest brand in-store.

The Story.

Hanako was born from grief. On October 23rd 2009, founders Rachel and Jeff Holm discovered the news that their daughter Sierra had passed away two days before she was due to be born. It was this experience which sparked the momentum for the shift in their lives’ direction.

A keen world traveller throughout a professional dance career, Rachel was always deeply interested in different cultures and alternate ways of healing. Completing her two year Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing in 2011, her and Jeff were blessed with their second daughter, Willow.

In 2013, the family set out on an adventure year in the United States, Jeff’s country of origin. During this trip Rachel continued her studies in Aromatherapy and as an Apothecary. The seeds of Hanako Therapies were born!

During this trip, Willow suffered terrible carsickness. Rachel searched the aisles of pharmacies and health food stores without success for child-friendly natural remedies, and in turn decided to put together her own blend for digestion and upset stomachs, adding some vibrational essences for the constant changes and environments they would face. Rubbing this blend onto Willow’s wrists, feet and stomach before leaving each day, the result was a comfortable car ride for all!

Inspired and intrigued by the results, as well as amazed by the beauty of the land they were travelling through, Rachel had created nine environmental essences by the end of their journey – to help support, balance and uplift the body and mind’s energy. These nine essences are now the core elements of the Hanako Therapies range.A

The Range

A peaceful harmonious world begins with a peaceful harmonious self.

Hanako’s mission is to live life in balance. Healthy diet, exercise, meditation, laughter, love and fun – it’s all about listening to the body’s needs. Hanako’s range of therapeutic products were created to provide a healthy, natural solution to synthetic scents. Using only pure essential oils and gem and flower essences, crystal infused water and mantra our blends not only smell divine but embrace the healing properties of nature.

From diffusers to essential oils to skincare, Hanako has everything you could possibly need to reach the highest level of self-love.

“Our bodies know how to heal just as nature knows how to heal and balance. If only we’d listen to what it needs – and trust that it knows what it’s doing. I want these products to enrich the lives of many users, knowing that they are made of pure, natural ingredients.

You know exactly what you are putting onto your body. Allow yourself a moment to create a sacred space for yourself before you set out for the day. Take a deep breath, affirm and envelope your being with positive energy, awareness, support, love and kindness.