Summer of Fun!

Its summertime, which means it’s time to get outside in the sun!

With busy family lifestyles now incorporating technology into the mix, there’s many temptations that can lure kids away from play. TV, computer games, tablets and smartphones are consuming many little ones’ attention away from the great outdoors.

Outdoor play is one of the most vital elements of childhood, and is critical for kids to develop their emotional, social and creative thinking skills they’ll need for adulthood! It allows them to engage with their surrounding environment in a fun context and explore ideas, test boundaries, and grow in the process.

With us being more careful than ever with COVID-19 still out there, the local playground may be looking a little daunting. So why not make your backyard a personal and private playground for the little ones?

Read on for some of our tips for outdoor fun this summer!


The trampoline has been a classic backyard staple for many years, perfect for the summer months.

Trampolines are perfect for those with a lot of energy to burn, there’s hours of endless fun to be had! Now safer than ever, most trampolines have a surrounding net to avoid injury from falling off, and come in a range of sizes for a variety of backyard sizes!


The classic swingset is a staple for both the playground and the backyard, with little ones savouring the feeling of soaring through the air on a swing.

Today’s swingsets are more than just your usual varieties of swings attached to a frame. Some now come with extras like basketball hoops and soccer nets attached to the sides, making them a multi-purpose addition to the backyard! Little ones can choose their favourite swings while others can kick a soccer ball around the yard and shoot a basketball into the hoop.

Swingsets provide fun for kids of all ages and are a great addition to any backyard play area. It will keep the kids active and outdoors, and will provide fun with friends for many years to come!


Not a part of the playground furniture, but definitely an essential for some playground-like fun. Everyone remembers riding their first bike, and an important milestone is losing those training wheels!

Take the entire family out to the streets for a bike ride and enjoy the summer sun, all while getting some exercise and family time.

Slides and Climbing Frames

All kids love slides! They’re an essential when it comes to the playground.

The classic backyard slide can come in a variety of lengths to suit kids of all ages, as well as the size of your yard. You can find different heights for those more confident or those just beginning their outdoor play. More than just a fun place to play, a slide will help young ones develop and improve their coordination and balance.

As children grow and develop, they become more physically active and are looking for a challenge. A climbing frame is perfect for the young ones that are looking for more of a challenge. Climbing frames, along with slides, are great for kids’ balance and will encourage a lifelong love of the outdoors.