Barossa Fresh partners with Foodbank to fight hunger.

Fighting hunger in the Barossa.

Pictured: Liam Birchard (Barossa Fresh), Bonnie Illes (Foodbank RAA Mobile Food Hub Coordinator, Foodbank SA), John Warne (Volunteer, Foodbank SA)

Joining the fight to end hunger, Barossa Fresh has partnered with Foodbank to assist with the donation of surplus resources.

Launched in 2000, Foodbank SA is South Australia’s largest food relief organisation with a vision to end hunger, providing more than 80% of the food distributed by the welfare sector across the state.

Barossa Fresh’s relationship with Foodbank began with the team’s passion for helping homeless and underprivileged people, and Foodbank now visit the store weekly to collect donations to assist with the combat of hunger in South Australia.

“Foodbank visit us weekly on a Monday to collect both fresh and dry goods from Barossa Fresh, with fresh products being frozen prior to use by and best before dates.” Dylan Murdoch, Barossa Fresh Business Leader said.

Foodbank SA works with the entire Australian food and grocery sector, including Barossa Fresh, who donate and redirect surplus products, enabling Foodbank to provide over 20,000 meals a day to people in need. Last year, Foodbank SA sourced the equivalent of 7.2 million meals for 694 charity partners, providing food relief to more than 135,000 people each month.

“We rely on the support of the food industry, supermarkets, corporates, and individuals to ensure we can access enough food and funds to feed those in need. A relationship with Barossa Fresh is vital to being able to support the growing need in the local Barossa community. Our Mobile Food Hub visits the region every week to provide much needed food relief, importantly the relationship with Barossa Fresh has a direct impact in the community we both serve.” Greg Pattinson, CEO, Foodbank SA said.

“Foodbank work both direct and indirect in the local community. We currently support several agencies and schools in the area with their food relief requirements. In addition, it is provided direct to those in need in the Barossa region, with a growing number of individuals and families referred to the Foodbank Mobile Hub each week.”

“It is a sad reality that individuals and families in the Barossa are doing it tough and so many are unable to put food on the table for themselves and their families. In the last 12 months, more than 22% of the Barossa community have experienced severe food insecurity. That means skipping multiple meals and missing whole days without food. Those accessing our services may not be who’d you think, these every day South Aussies could be your neighbour, friends or family members, who have just fallen on hard times and need a hand up when they need it the most.”

Foodbank’s work makes a positive difference in the lives of Australians, playing not only a leading role in fighting hunger, but also tackling Australia’s $36.6 billion food waste issues. For every kilogram of food distributed by Foodbank, the social return on investment has been valued at $23. This means the impact of Foodbank SA’s work in the community is worth almost $82 million annually.

Barossa Fresh is delighted to be able to assist Foodbank in their mission, and look forward to supporting the fight to end hunger in the future.

Foodbank relies on the community for donations, both food and funds. For every $1 donated, they can turn that in to 2 meals created for those in need in the community. 100% of donations go directly to buying food, fuel, and freight to get food to where it is needed the most.

To donate to Foodbank, please visit

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