Barossa Fresh Heroes for HeartKids

Barossa Fresh staff with HeartKids fundraiser tins

From the end of May until mid-June Barossa Fresh is fundraising for HeartKids, the only national not-for-profit organisation focused on supporting Australians impacted by Congenital Heart Disease.

Affecting eight babies born each day, Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), is one of the leading causes of infant death in Australia with four lives lost each week. There is no known cure, and despite the complexity of this life-threatening condition, over  72,000 Australian babies, children and adults are currently living with CHD. They will face unique challenges for the rest of their lives, including repeated heart surgeries and ongoing medical treatment. The impact of having a ‘heart kid’ is life-changing for the entire family, causing emotional and financial stress.

HeartKids support, inform and educate families throughout their whole CHD journey, advocate for those impacted by CHD, and drive research funding and action programs, with the goal of assisting affected individuals and their families to lead the most fulfilling life possible.

Be sure to add a $2 heart token to your shop when you next check out, either in-store or online, to help raise funds and awareness for HeartKids. Plus, keep an eye out for your favourite superhero in-store on Friday 16 June as our staff dress to the hero theme!

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