Create your bedroom retreat

Create your bedroom retreat

Warmer months are a time where you will find people crawling out of their winter hibernation and getting stuck into those at-home DIY projects, that may have been put off all year. Creating your relaxing bedroom retreat is a great place to start!

To make your bedroom feel like the perfect hideaway, we have some handy hints below, so your creativity can come to life. Whether it’s a completely new look, subtle changes like swapping out the décor or adding colour, here are 5 simple tips below;

  1. Cushions galore

You can never have too many cushions! Cushions are essential to add a finishing touch to any room, especially the bedroom. Try different colours and textures, although always match it to your quilt cover or prints you may possibly have around the room.

  1. Get green

Incorporate bold colours, such as green as there are many shades of this refreshing colour. A great way to do this is through incorporating colourful indoor plants. Not only are plants brilliant to look at but they also offer many health benefits and who wouldn’t want all that green goodness, especially in your bedroom!

  1. Simplicity is key

A bedroom should look and feel both cosy and simple. Too much clutter can become overwhelming. Tie in colours simply by adding in décor that matches a print on the wall or a favourite quilt cover. It adds a sophistication level and is also elegant. This will also make your beautiful décor pop, feel fresh and continually new all year round.

  1. Texture it up

Rugs and throws are a great way to add some texture to your bedroom. A size of your choice that can also be utilised in the warmer months is key. Throw it over the end of your bed the way you would like it styled and again, it adds another element to the perfect finishing touch.

  1. Bedside love

Bedside tables are both stylistically brilliant and incredibly functional pieces of furniture. Adding trinket dishes for your jewels, candles or personal treasure complements your element of personality. Pair any of these items with a statement reading lamp, a delicate indoor plant or vase of florals.

Whatever your style, you can make a simple retreat through our easy go to tips. Remember, it is your bedroom so make it your comfortable space to live in.



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