Tips to keep your home cosy this winter!

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As the cooler weather creeps in, there is no better time to give your home a winter makeover and create a cosy space that you can enjoy over the winter months ahead. But never fear, you don’t have to invest in major renovations or break the bank to substantially change the look and feel of your home. We’ve put together our top tips on simple ways you can transform your space into a comforting and cosy retreat this winter.

1. Incorporate a shag

Whether it’s a cosy throw, pillow or rug, you can transform your space in an instant with a touch of shag. These statement pieces can really change the look and feel of the room, making your space feel more homely. Nothing says cozy like shaggy throws and fluffy pillows.

2. Add some seasonal scents to your space

Fragrance plays an important part in how we feel and if often the first sense that kicks into gear as we walk into a room. Diffusers offer natural aromatherapy and help to humidify the space with beautiful scent. Try one with a soothing aroma to awaken your senses and help to give the room a fresh feel.

3. Use softer lighting

If you want to make your home feel cosier during those long winter days, there’s no time like the present to upgrade your lighting. You can easily achieve this by adding lamps or table lighting and using warm light LED bulbs. Use soft lamp shades to creating a welcoming environment instead of thick and harsh colorings. Beautiful candles also add a sensual essence of warmth and comfort to a space.

4. Brighten your space with colour

The long, dreary days of winter can cast quite a moody feel on even the lightest and brightest spaces. To avoid a dreary space, try adding a few pops of colour to your existing scheme, whether it’s through a new print on the wall, a throw rug or vibrant table décor. It doesn’t have to be huge, but small, subtle pops make a huge difference. Colour is a powerful tool in setting the scene and the colder months call for warm, rich, earthy colours.

5. Natural light

With winter days resulting in freezing nights, you need to maximise what natural light is still available. Hang a large mirror on a blank stretch of wall or above a shelf to reflect light throughout your home. A unique mirror is also a great way to add texture to your walls for something extra special.

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Barossa Homewares

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