Barossa Mitre 10 looks to a greener future.

Pictured: Sandy Holding of Barossa Mitre 10 with the store’s new recycling station.


As part of Mitre 10’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and offer customers solutions to build towards a more sustainable future, Barossa Mitre 10 is proud to now offer PP5 plastic plant pot recycling alongside battery and light globe recycling at their Nuriootpa store.

In collaboration with Norwood Printers, Polymer Processors and Garden City Plastics, PP5 is committed to meeting Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets. PP5 ensures that these plastic plant pots as well as labels and stakes are collected from selected stores such as Barossa Mitre 10 to give them a second life. Customers can drop off their PP5 plant pots, labels, and stakes to the store, so they can be recycled into new pots.

In Australia, plastic plant pots and labels are typically produced from PP5 plastic, a material that can be continuously recycled. Currently, on an annual basis only 8% of this plastic gets reconditioned and used again, and these pots are unable to be recycled in regular kerbside recycling.

“We’re pleased that we can continue to offer our community a collection point for products that cannot be put in the home recycling bin. Recycling and reducing waste is everyone’s responsibility, and we are proud that we are able to play a role in looking after the environment.” Tanya Couzner of Barossa Mitre 10 said.

While pots can be properly and efficiently recycled with the Mitre 10 PP5 recycling station, PP5 plastic plant pots can also be deposited in Barossa Council and Light Regional Council yellow bins as an alternative to pots ending up in landfill.

Since June 2022, Barossa Mitre 10 has also offered a battery recycling service courtesy of Ecobatt, where customers can deposit used batteries to be safely recycled. Household batteries, laptop, and power tool batteries, as well as button and mobile phone batteries can be deposited at the collection point near the service counter.

As well as recycling plant pots and batteries, the store has now for over 10 years provided LED and fluorescent light globe recycling. While great for the environment in the way they use less energy, fluorescent and LED light globes also contain hazardous materials such as mercury, which can be harmful if not disposed of properly. Recycling light globes after use can ensure that materials are both safely handled and recovered, while also conserving valuable resources. Customers can dispose of their end-of-life globes at Barossa Mitre 10, where they will be recycled to assist in avoiding globes going to landfill as well as mercury damage to the environment.

Taking steps such as recycling light globes, batteries and plant pots is an important step towards sustainable living and by doing so, Barossa Co-op is continuing to strive to assist in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and conserve natural resources.

Find out more about Barossa Mitre 10’s recycling programs in-store!