New Year Refresh


The start of the new year is always an exciting time, allowing us to stop and reflect on the year that has been and what we want the year ahead to look like. This is where we often find ourselves setting ‘new years resolutions’. These resolutions are often met with great motivation and excitement to start the year well, but they are often short-lived, leaving us feeling disappointed or frustrated with ourselves. We can have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude when it comes to setting goals… “if I could just walk every day’, or ‘I’m not allowed any chocolate this year’. This ‘all or nothing’ mindset is often achievable in the short-term, but not realistic in the long-term. The second you have that piece of chocolate you feel like you’ve failed at being healthy, which isn’t the case at all and isn’t sustainable!

That’s why we believe the key to healthy mindsets and goals in terms of healthy eating habits is focusing on consistency rather than perfection. We believe rather than cutting out foods, aim to eat mindfully in moderation. If you would like to increase your exercise, set a small achievable goal that can build up to a bigger goal! Most of all, be kind to yourself. So, break the new years resolution cycle and start with building some small healthy habits that help you move towards your bigger health goals.


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