Tips to setting up a home gym

Unfortunately for many of us it’s all too easy to lose ourselves in work commitments, the demands of a bustling household, plus outside commitments, to even contemplate exercise.

Well the good thing is, know you are far from alone and importantly, there is a unique solution at hand.

Have you considered working out from home?

The tables have turned in recent years with many of us keen to improve and enhance our health and wellbeing, resulting in a wave of gyms becoming a common feature of the home.

The noticeable trend is complemented by recent data provided by the Australian Bureau Statistics.

Their findings reveal that exercise is on the rise with more than 75 percent of the population engaging in some level of physical activity.

Don’t get us wrong, dedicated gyms have their place in society, helping thousands to achieve and maintain satisfying results, but as we all know – not all fit this mould.

So perhaps now is the time to stop thinking and start doing, and with a few easy tips to point you in the right direction and local expert support, you’ll soon be able to reap the benefits.

Tip 1: What exercise appeals to you

Discover what type of physical exercise you have enjoyed doing previously or something practical you’re keen on trying.

It’s no use throwing yourself into weights or cardio activity without giving it plenty of thought. Chances are you may soon become bored or worse create an unwanted injury.

Tip 2: Make the space

Once you have established your preferred exercise(s) of choice you will need to find or create a dedicated space in your home to accommodate your vision.

These days most homes are built with an extra living room and also a study, which makes ideal spaces to shut off once your workout is complete. However, those with smaller homes should consider a shed, undercover patio or simple moving a coffee table to provide space.

Tip 3: Chat with the experts

While you shouldn’t scrimp on quality equipment and materials, maybe hold off on the latest and greatest until you find your groove.

The staff at Barossa Sportspower are well versed in an array of sporting equipment to help set up your home gym, with the store stocking most products to see your right.

Tip 4: Keep a record

Keep a workout log either digitally or manually to keep you on track. Many personal trainers head their clients down this path in an effort to ensure a focus remains.

This is also a great time to set up a realistic weekly workout schedule of what you are keen to achieve. The log is a good reminder to look back on in a few week’s time to see how far you have come or areas to improve.

Tip 4: Ditch the kids

Avoid breaking your concentration or routine by exercising when the kids are in bed or a partner agrees to take them off your hands. Dedicate the days which mean less household or work demands, but also don’t be hard on yourself if you just can’t make that one time

Be sure to put the dog and the cat out because we’ve all seen those media posts of their “cute” ways of becoming involved.

Tip 5: Feel the rhythm

If your motivation levels bother you, remember to pop a timer on for those exercises that require continued rotation to keep you in the zone and definitely create a music playlist to set the mood right.

Tip 6: Use tips and apps

Bounce off work colleagues or friends to discover their home gym secrets. This would be a good time to see what exercise apps are supporting their routines.

Tip 7: Don’t tire yourself

Don’t go too hard too soon. Build your fitness levels and if you need a break from the home gym, head out for a run or a long walk.

Tip 8: Have fun

No one said exercise was easy, yet be sure to go easy on yourself, yet don’t slack off too much either. Maybe have a personal goal in mind and once you have achieved it, go and spoil yourself – you deserved it.


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