Barossa Valley Chocolate Company treats now available at Barossa Fresh

Barossa Valley Chocolate Company selection of chocolate blocks

Award-winning and handcrafted in Tanunda with sustainably sourced cocoa, guilt-free treats are here!

Established in 2019, Barossa Valley Chocolate Company specialises in single-original chocolates, sourced from cocoa farms across Tanzania, Ecuador, Ghana, Mexico, Venezuala and Australia’s only cocoa farm in Daintree, Queensland. A number of Barossa Valley Chocolate Company’s suppliers have contributed to the establishment of the Cocoa Horizons project, a not-for-profit organisation working to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development.

Barossa Valley Chocolate Company’s commitment to sustainability extends to its 1200 square meter premise which has been mindfully designed to be energy efficient and respectful of the environment.

Over 250 chocolate products are made on-site using Belgian Milk, Dark, White and Ruby Chocolate.

Barossa Fresh is proud to be stocking a selected range of Barossa Valley Chocolate Company  100g blocks, 160g bars and 250g bags, available in-store and online.



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